In the decades that have come by the operation room has been more than just a room or people who need major medical treatment. The room has buzz filled with people who want conjure their appearance by having cosmetic plastic surgeries implanted on them. In the past, it seemed that cosmetic surgery was only a case for those who had extreme wealth and although the price is still costly in this modern time, it is more affordable than ever.

A full body transformation in the operating room could cost a mere $100,000 + while a small few combination surgeries may only cost less than $10,000. For example a mommy makeover surgery which is a combination of surgeries may cost under $30,000 while a standalone Rhinoplasty surgery may cost $5,000. Expect anywhere in the thousands. To see more about this particular procedure see

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Many people have no idea what kinds of surgeries are out there and have been trying to seek them out. Here is a list of complied procedures that may take an interest on you. Here are some of the better known cosmetic procedures performed by the many surgeons of this country.

Abdominoplasty: Other terms for this surgery are tummy tuck, tummy lift, and abdomen lift. This cosmetic surgery reshapes the abdomen. This procedure may be in a combination with the mommy makeover procedure to execute the muffin top that most women hate during post pregnancy.


Blepharoplasty: The eyelid surgery. This procedure is based on reshaping the eyelids and applying permanent eyeliner kind of like tattooing it in.

Masotopexy: Other terms are breast lift or breast augmentation. This surgery is one of the top surgical picks for women. In this procedure the breast is removed of extra fat, skin and tissues to give it back its natural position. The only downfall of this procedure is as that as the woman ages so does her breasts which causes sagging or dropping. There will be no photos shown for audience purposes.

Liposuction: Also known as fat removal or a more surgical term “lipectomy”. This is a recognized surgery across the nation that many men and women encounter. This surgery gives permanent removal of the fatty deposits stored in specific parts of the body where there is needed removal.



Otoplasty: “Ear Surgery”. This procedure is performed by certain surgeons who usually have experience with the ear and throat. In this cosmetic surgery the ear gets reshaped and molded.

Rhinoplasty: This surgery is based on reshaping the nose. Many celebrities and people who can afford this surgery may also go through a nose revision. In Florida you can find more about these in Jacksonville Florida or top rhinoplasty surgeons in tampa fl  better by looking through the search engine.

Notice that there are many more surgeries out there that have not been listed above. These are only some of the more popular ones. It is recommended that you check out the exact steps of a surgical procedure before consultation with a doctor. In fact it is even better to check is the doctor is a certified one and if he or she has any reviews from previous clients.

Things to keep in mind are the recovery time and how many weeks should you take off from work. Make sure to alert from your doctor what material or activities you should or should not do in order to keep the recovery to its best. Thank you for checking out the quick list of surgeries placed above. See the for more about these specific type of surgeries.