Bob Murphy Gives Tips for Writing Songs

In his career, songwriter Bobby Lee Murphy has set out to demystify the process of composing a song so that more people can understand it. Achieving ‘hit writer’ status is the goal of most prospective songwriters, but in the modern century where competition is high getting to this level can be a formidable task unless you’re well prepared.

The aim of composing is catching the listener’s ear, who may sometimes be momentarily distracted, or fragmented in concentration. These composition laws can help budding songwriters to capture listeners’ attention, and keeping them interested long enough for the music to become their own ‘favorite tune’.


The music business just like any other aspect of life is prone to changes, for instance, songs reaching top 10 on the billboard chart in a particular year may not achieve the same feat a few years down the line. Songwriter Bob Murphy also adds that 50% of all the singles reaching No.1 were scripted in whole or partly by the musician. Playing close attention to prevailing hit records will give you a sense of what listeners expect, and thus direct your writing accordingly.

Study the market

For small business owners like songwriters, knowing the market well is important for success. Budgeting for music composition is also necessary, it often means having a clear record on incomes if they are there, and informed decisions on how to spend it effectively for the common good. Top on the agenda for budgeting are demo costs. Financial requirements for demonstration recordings have risen over the last few years, therefore, you need proper planning to factor in these additional costs.

Drawing maximum attention to hooks

While going through your storylines and verses, always remember to check the rhyme scheme. Make it more attractive to listeners in a way that they’ll never forget it for many years to come. For example, if a rhyme scheme is X Y X Y fine-tune it to something like X Y Z Y. The reason for this is to delicately alert listeners that an important verse is coming ahead, subtle changes in rhyme pattern coupled with changes in melody going into the chorus should prepare them adequately for the hook. One way to boost the effect of your hooks is by adding the title as a final line.

Co-writing with established composers

Some professional writers working with recognized artists often set up co-writing appointments with upcoming composers, so that they can learn how to make scripts for big artists in the music industry. Oftentimes, publishers also offer the same opportunity to budding writers.

Songwriter Bob Murphy encourages emerging songwriters that while the initial income from this work can be minimal, with time their fortunes would definitely change to the better especially if one of their songs becomes a hit. If a tune is successful with one artist and also sparks general appeal amongst the mass, other recording artists may seek to sample from it and thus increase its prospect of royalties. Another way composers can increase their pay potential is through having their music chosen for use in movies.

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