When You Need To Call St. Louis Restoration Companies

Water damage restoration companies have become very common these days due to the high demand of Water damage restoration services. Not only does huge flood requires water damage restoration services, even small damages like the leaks in faucet might have grave effects at the homes. There are many good and reliable St. Louis restoration companies available these days, take for example AdvantaClean. Below are few of the situations in which you would need the help of a water damage restoration company:



Flooding is the most obvious and first and foremost reason for calling water damage restoration company. Floods and hurricanes can actually destroy the home, however if you are hiring a good and reliable professional from St. Louis restoration companies for restoring the damage then they would restore your home to the condition in which it was before the flood or hurricane. Not only does flooding but even the leaking of a washing machine or a refrigerator might need the services of a water damage restoration company.


Carpet or upholstery damage

If your carpet has been stained with coffee or wine or is soaked with the water, then you wouldn’t have to always replace it if you are hiring a water damage restoration company. The professionals working in St. Louis restoration companies have professional tools and equipments for drying out the carpets and also removing the stains. They would actually restore your carpet to the pre-incident condition. There are some water damage restoration companies who can even restore the carpets after the fire or smoke damage.

Tile and grout cleaning

The grout which is between your tiles can sometimes become dirty with the dampness. Alternatively, the tiles can get dirty due to exposure to fire and water damage. For this too, you need to hire services for cleaning your tiles or grout without them getting damaged.


Mold Remediation

Many a times, harmless things like leaking from a washing machine or a refrigerator or sometimes even major natural flood might have secondary effects which are actually serious. This includes the growth of mold which causes serious health problems. For this problem too, you would need the help of a restoration company. Typically the tiled areas would be sprayed or pre vacuumed with the cleaning agents. Then floors are buffed with the help of rotary cleaner for spreading the cleaning solution evenly. In some cases, you would need industrial blowers for completely drying the surface.

Fire Damage Restoration

There are some St. Louis restoration companies who also offer fire damage restoration services. They have professionals working for them who are highly trained and they have expert techniques for restoring the property and the things inside it like the furniture, fixtures, paintings, etc.


Allergy Control

If anyone in your hoe is suffering from asthma or any other respiratory problems then if there are any dust mites or the growth of molds in your home then you would need the help of water damage restoration companies for getting rid of them.

Wind Damage

Restoration companies would also restore damages caused by hurricanes. So, in those cases you can always hire them for restoring the damages.