partial separation from the pheromone compounds

The command is – “partial separation from the pheromone compounds”. It will not matter now if you have read anything at all about the astral projection. The command will be fulfilled regardless. When I started experimenting with human pheromones I neither knew anything about astral projection not parapsychology. However, the effects of such experiments were the same as described in special literature. Later you will start feeling your body again – your legs, hands, torso, etc. As your body lifts itself up above the bed you will feel a warm touch in the center of your back. In this state one can already fly, yet only on a horizontal plane. Your eyes do not see anything yet – you only register your body pheromone signals and feel how your body moves back and forth above the bed. Learn more at and

Exiting body pheromones Then give a command “Complete separation” and relax. You will feel how your body (wherein you are now) is starting to smoothly lift itself up in the way that your legs remain put and only your upper body is moving. The body gets up on the bed and sets its legs down right by it. This increases natural pheromone production. This body that we are talking about is the pheromones body. You still feel only the moving in space – feeling like you are airborne yet in total darkness. Once the pheromone separation is complete, give yourself the command “Open your eyes”. If it does not work then try to rub your eyes with your hands (your astral hands). Your eyes will switch on and you will see your room, your bed with your body on it. Most likely you will also see something thick, connecting the upper part of the stomach of your pheromone body with the back of the neck of your physical body. In parapsychology it is called “Astral cord”. As you move further away from your physical body, the astral cord will be getting thinner and thinner until it is just as small as a match pheromone perfumes. Now you can take a closer look at your astral body. If you look at your hands you will notice that they are somewhat blue and transparent. You will be able to distinguish your fingers, fingernails, veins – all of it will seem like a holographic replica of your physical body. The pheromone body is able to freely travel in space and walk (fly) through any objects. You do not have to learn how to fly during an astral projection because your astral body already knows how. You will be able to control the speed and the altitude of your flight by your will alone – just like you control your physical body. However, to me it remains a mystery how our mind can reflect on the state of flying, falling, increasing and decreasing the speed, going through glass, a wall, a metal door, etc. Now you can fly towards your body and take a closer look at it. You can freely move about in your room – fly to your bookshelf and read the names of the books on it. Learn more at

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