Pheromone Conflicts

How can you love someone so much, yet not be IN love with them? And worse still – you can’t actually DENY the fact that you love the person – but you’re not IN love with them, so you can kind of feel guilty and uncertain about your own lack of fulfillment in the relationship. And when you are not 100% fulfilled – it feels like you are sacrificing something huge if you leave that person, because you still love them, and they still love your natural pheromones. EVEN if you’re not fulfilled with them! Learn more at and

Talk about conflicts and contradictions. What’s happening really, is that this ONE part of your brain is fulfilled side of things), but you’re no t feeling romantic love and passion. It’s exceedingly rare to have a relationship that works out over the long – term, as we all know – and it’s also very rare for most of us to not have feelings of conflict and maybe even lose hope in relationships and me n altogether. Part of our lack of fulfillment, I believe comes from our lack of awareness of how these three different types of love work…..both within ourselves, and in the mind of the men we you might date, or your partner. If you don’t understand these three different types of love, why they contradict, and how to ALIGN these three different types of love; you and whichever man you end up with are destined for pain. It’s like with anything you’d like to achieve in life – you always have conflicts. You want a great relationship with pheromones, but the things you do each day sabotage your chances of having it. You want to make a new friend out of that nice girl at your yoga class, but you are too scared that she might judge you so you don’t start chatting to her at al l. You want to start and run your own business, but you’re too scared or you have too much resistance to starting it and sticking with it. The last thing you want is to spend years with a man, and then be left. Or be cheated on. Even worse – the last thing you want is to date a man, hear him say how much he loves you, and then he disappears; nowhere to be seen. It is common. And learning about these 3 types of love will help you look at the men you date, think about their actions, and consider whether he actually loves you, lusts after you, or is in love with you, or all three. It will cut the time it takes to find the right man, that’s for sure. We all have just this one life. It’s incredibly important to be as aware as possible, so you can have the passion, love and happiness that you deserve. So what you really need to do – to make sure that YOU are able to attract AND keep the kind of relationship you want, is to understand the 3 contradicting types of love, why they have evolved, and then become aware of what he is feeling for you; and when/if you’re in a relationship, you can align these 3 different types of love and fulfill these parts of your man as well. I can tell you that whatever man you are with, he is going to want to experience ALL of these different types of love. You won’t have a man who won’t want to experience all of them. Learn more at

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